Saturday, April 24, 2004

I Have OODLES Of Spare Time Today! 

Updated the lj FOUR times today; three times publicly, which I think is amazing: http://www.livejournal.com/users/kittywolf/2004/04/24/
The last post is about my Thursday and includes two of my poems, three of Adam's, and a Dido song...
So, today...
Woke up at nearly three PM and proceeded to make myself a hell of a whopping good breakfast...which means I...cooked...which probably means there's something wrong with me. I made myself an arepa, hard boiled egg, sunny side up egg, and tortilla chips with three types of melted cheese and salsa.
I also out ate Matthew at all-you-can-eat sushi last night.
I don't KNOW. It's AWESOME--post surgery, I consume these massive amounts of food and I'm thinner than I was before surgery. YAAAY! 37-30-37!
I've spend today leafing through The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis. I read it last summer, along with The Great Divorce (which I like better), and, well...why not refresh my memory?
I'm not sure what I have to say about it, plus, my jaw hurts from aggressively chewing on gum...and I need a shower, so, over and out for now.
Mmm, also have spiffy witch ritual stuff to do, I think.

Back Home 

Fun Friday.
Sort of Boyfriend Matthew and I napped together today, which was lovely. It's amazing, I think, how different spending four nights sleeping with Adam and a few hours sleeping with Matt is...and these are only two boys I have to compared sleeping with.
Sleeping in a totally non sexual way.
Well. Three of those four nights, anyway.
When I was younger, I thought I'd HATE sleeping with someone else. I toss, I turn, I kick, I throw my feather comforter off and then bury under it...oh, and I sleep with my two pugs on the bed, always. Back in the day, I couldn't stand being touched.... I'd never cuddle. However, since I'm cold nearly all the time, the whole sleeping with someone thing works out kind of nice. Plus, I think it's incredibly intimate, sleeping with someone in a nonsexual way...
Aaaand, as someone who on March 23rd, 2004, found out what it was like to sleep with a boy in a sexual manner: eh. Wasn't worth it.
This isn't to say I don't have a sex drive. My sex drive is just peachy; the three American teenage males I've been with haven't matched it.It's just... well. Stupid choices...
Did make out with Matthew today, though, and had fun.
Won a keychain in AP Enviro today for answering something about food security... wrote an essay in English about Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man and villians... and since I wrote about Brother Jack, I brought in my whole Jack-meant-to-be-Odin theory. We also got some essays back--"I would have given you a nine on this one, but I can't give you two nines in a row, so you got an eight."
:) <3 Ms. Dee. Nines on AP [for college credit] essays are unheard of and magical; getting two nines in two weeks is...impossible. Can't happen. ;) My nine was the first nine awarded all year... joy!
Hrrmmph. Need a new purse.
So tired.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Ahh...Friday...Oh Joy! 

Well, gosh, where to start?
Mother decided, yesterday, that's she's kicking me out of the house when I turn 18. "AND TAKE YOUR DOG WITH YOU."
What does one say to this? "kkthxbye"?
It was an arguement about a few things: me going away for college, me going to ART SCHOOL, me not wanting to be a lawyer or dentist or politician or CIA Agent (like the rest of my family--no, really, politics and one CIA Agent), the fact that I talk to Adam/Robert/People She Doesn't Like, the fact that I got home at 11 pm...["What time do you want me home by, Mom?" "I don't know, when do you plan on getting home?" "I don't know, I'm asking when you want me home. "Well, when do YOU..."]
Anyway. Today she decided I'm not getting kicked out, or something. God knows. I sure as hell don't.
Anyway, yesterday was a half day, and, mother bits aside, quite the fun day. It ended, of course, at Brews&News...I read two poems. Yeah. Adam read two. We split a Neil Gaiman poem in half and read it.
This is but a quick update. O_o; Sort of boyfriend Matthew is coming over to snack on a ravoli peace offering mother left, and then he's going to sit around and clean my room with me, and then we're going to sushi. See, she's a lot nicer if Matt's around.
I wore such skimpy clothing yesterday. *grin* I'll update more in a bit...

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Aaah, The Kinks Worked Out... 

Eerr...I made Matthew pick out random words so I could do word-association.
I think his choice of words says a lot about him, and my responses don't say that much about me...
Hah. Cool list, though.
Penguins: Matthew. Pwnd. Clay. [Long story. Matt pwnd my artist skills in clay.]
Red: Latin
Orange: Ochun
Computer: Hum
Food: Sushi
Sushi: Company
Shakes: Retro
Money: Purses
Candy: Canes
Chocolate: Girls
Kisses: Mint
[Mint Kiss Studios--what I write on all my pictures...]
Hugs: Social
Phones: Beds
Football: ...stupid?
School(evil): Math (even evil-er)
Is this thing WORKING?

First Post 

Currently, life demands that we go beyond livejournal.com so that we may actually end up with a somewhat honest and not edited beyond comprehension record of life.
"We" meaning, of course, me.
I've had a weird day, so this entry is kind of unstructured and random.
Tomorrow: a half day at school, after which my cohorts and I are hitting up Brews & News for open mike poetry night...not that we'll read. Still, though...it's HIGHLY entertaining, totally in character for me, and my 10th grade English teacher will be there, which shall be EXTREMELY amusing. Aaah, Mr. Noel...he goes to France for vacation and is probably gay. I'm lovely with gay, I support gay, I don't think there are many stereotypically gay people out there...but he is, quite probably, quite gay. I love him and had SUCH fun in his class last year. Anyway, anyone in the Palm Beach area with nothing to do should go there, and see us high schoolers come in. Last week--the first time we went--was lovely. "You're high school students? What are you doing here?"
Tomorrow should also include purse shopping. Mmmm.
I hope to eventually say something insightful here, although the charm of it is that I now have the CHANCE to. I'm not going to link anyone I know to this...first person to leave me a comment after finding it randomly gets, oh, I don't know, some sort of prize. I'll draw you a picture.
Oh, yes, I draw. I draw like mad. Also, I paint. Mad, mad, mad--art is an obsession, and I love it. I've gotten into 234898 skillion billion arguments with my mother because I'm going to some form of art institute for college (Pratt in NY, probably), and she...well...doesn't think I should. YES! I am a MAJOR DORK!
Found out today that I got into National Honor Society this year. I think I got in last year, and if I turned my forms in on time, I know I did. I cannot for the life of me recall if I could be bothered with turning in my forms... However, I didn't go to the ceremony or to ANY meetings this year, so, hmm... I also am a member of National Art Honor Society, and, no, I never went to a meeting. I also co-founded my school's bookclub and got no credit for it, although I do show up fairly often. Meetings are, after all, monthly.
I also skipped half the school day on Monday--Trig and French III...and did half my French III project in class today, right before I presented it. Um... yeah. I don't know, where am I on the good/naughty girl scale?
I wore pants today. Monday I wore a fuchsia skirt, t shirt, and four inch pink flip flop platforms. During fifth period, I was picked up and carried around by a semi-random male (okay, my friend Mel), and, well, flirted with. Tuesday I wore a camouflage skirt, skintight top, and green button down with sexy five inch platforms. Jay picked me up during lunch and just sort of held me up about a foot off the ground for a while. ["...Can you put me down...?" "Not yet." "...What about now...?"] Lunch also included semi-random male huggers and hangers on. Today I ran on four hours of sleep for the fifth day in a row, decided I didn't give a damn, and showed up to school with my hair up, in jeans and a green shirt, with sneakers. Adam picked me up and carried me down the hallway before putting me down and engaging in tickle war.
This is what happens when you are short and generally small, even if you can beat people up. :)
Oh, I don't know. It amuses me, although the whole people picking me up thing is new and pretty random. I mean, why...?
You can expect that kind of thing from Adam, though. Aah, Adam. More on Adam sometime later, when I feel less cheerful.
On the spiritual front, the energy work is perking up again, which makes me quite happy. I need to stop by my palm tree and talk to him. Er, I have a big socio-political-spiritual theory I'm working on at the moment...
Mother saw me hug Adam good-bye today, which pissed her off; therefore, mother has declined to speech to me today. This is why I'm in a bit of a quiet and slightly less upbeat mood, although I am in a good mood. A hug's just a hug, and considering that she lets me out at all hours of the night with sort-of-boyfriend Matthew, you'd think it wouldn't bother her.
Sort-of-boyfriend Matthew, yes, let's mention him, to anchor this entry in time for me when I read it ages later. Mmm.
HAH! And sort of boyfriend gets on line and IMs moi at the VERY moment I type that!
Yeah, him. All the hugging, flirting, etc., that goes on around me is justified this way by my lovely gringo: "You're Spanish and you have an excuse."
Updated the livejournal today, as well: http://www.livejournal.com/users/kittywolf/110834.html?mode=reply
It's about Neil Gaiman's Stardust, and mortality, and so forth. Cool quotes and whatnot are included.
Well, kids, that's it for now...tune in next time, woo hoo!

I think each entry shall end with a conversational snippet.
Queen Cleo VII [9:56 PM]: but it's been an odd day
Queen Cleo VII [9:56 PM]: I came home
Queen Cleo VII [9:56 PM]: and did math
Queen Cleo VII [9:56 PM]: first thing
SniperCR99 [9:56 PM]: *gasp*
SniperCR99 [9:56 PM]: that IS odd
Queen Cleo VII [9:56 PM]: and then read stardust after I finished half of it
SniperCR99 [9:56 PM]: are you sick?
Queen Cleo VII [9:56 PM]: maybe.

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